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  • HORIZON™ Plan Wizzard
  • 1. Employer Retirement Plans
  • 2. Mutual Fund Plans
  • 3. ETF/Brokerage Plans

HORIZON Plan Wizard

Let us help you decide which HORIZON™ plan is best for you by answering a few questions.

Are you interested in improving the investment results of your:
  • Employer Retirement Plan (i.e., 401(k), 403(b), etc.)?
    Mutual Fund IRA or other non-retirement investments?
    Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) IRA or other non-retirement investments?

Employer Retirement Plans

Select your employer form the drop down list below.
- If your employer IS listed, click the Start my RISK-FREE Subscription button to get started today.
- If your employer is NOT listed, click the My Employer is not listed button to learn about how you may still be able to use the HORIZON™ service with your current employer's retirement plan.

Is a Mutual Fund plan right for you?

Many mutual fund companies have minimum purchase requirements when investing with them outside of an employer retirement plan. While you will have improved success with any portfolio larger than that minimum, to get the most benefit from the HORIZON™ service, we suggest you determine what your minimum account size should be. Click to determine your suggested minimum account size.

Will you be managing a mutual fund account outside of an employer retirement plan that is greater than or equal to the suggested minimum account size?
    • Yes

ETF/Brokerage Plans

HORIZON™ is perfect for growing and protecting portfolios of exchange traded funds (ETF) offered by brokerage firms. One of the advantages of ETFs over mutual funds is that they do not have minimum purchase requirements. We evaluate and build well-balanced portfolios of commission-free ETFs (when available) and then send you an Action Report every 5 weeks.

Select an ETF plan from the drop down list below and then click your desired button. Click the Plan Details button and you can see a list of the ETFs included in the plan along with the plans' performance history. If your ETF provider is NOT listed, press the My Brokerage Firm is not Listed button.

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